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AL AFIAH ROADS CONTRACTING Co has been a key partner in the infrastructure growth of the UAE and has expanded to meet the needs of the region as the demands for improved infrastructure increase.

Al Afiah has a proven track record of excellence and reliability in all types of road construction projects in the UAE since the company's inception in 2007. The company has now transformed itself from a small sub-contract firm to reckoned establishment with high quality, skilled craftsmanship and professionalism that meet our client’s expectation. As we’ve grown, Al Afiah has formed new partnerships and branched out to new subsidiaries to meet nearly every transportation construction need – from construction of roads, to pipelines, to a wide variety of products and services.

In these past years, Al Afiah has seen tremendous growth with successful completion of a significant number of construction projects. With every project we strive for continual improvement in its operations, and is committed to maintain its competitiveness in the construction industry while contributing to the well-being of all our esteemed clients.

The result of our past performances for major projects across the UAE has led us to incorporate our services often in seven states across the country. Al Afiah has the experience, expertise and equipment necessary to handle your next project, from concept through design engineering and completion to final installation.

In our pursuit of excellence, we have been building a record of solid performance in our field. Holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards in terms of how we do things, we have qualified professionals, top-notch equipments and available finances to successfully complete any size project including both large and smaller jobs.